Spicy Rice Cake Set - Tteokbokki ( Rice cake + Sauce )

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●What's Tteokbokki:
Tteokbokki, is a popular Korean snack food that is commonly purchased from street vendors or originally it was a braised dish of sliced rice cake, meat,eggs, and seasoning. With a spicy, sweet flavor and a chewy texture, it is an instant favorite.
TTEOK is a class of Korean rice cakes made with glutinous rice flour (also known as sweet rice or chapssal), by steaming.

●What's in the Box:
- 600g tteok (Rice Cake) *1
- 150g sauce *1

○How to Cook:
1.Slice green onion & vegetables into bite sizes.
2.Pour 200ml water , fish cake, rice cake, green onion into the pot and boil them on high for 5 mins.
TIPS: Add other vegetables, boiled eggs and ramen to enhance the flavors!

Tteok: Rice 96.5%, wheat starch, salt, rice vinegar, alcohol, sodium lactate, propylene glycol, sweet potato, containing soy, alcohol
Sauce: Gochujang, water,gochugaru, malt syrup, onion, garlic, rice vinegar, salt, soy sauce, anchovy extract, yeast extract, citric acid, black pepper, containing wheat