Sempio Brewed Soy Sauce 501 (YangJo GanJang)

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Fermentation Index T.N. 1.5

-Trial Pack 50ml
-Bottle 150ml (105kcal)

-It's good to have raw fish with it or to use it when you're eating pancakes or frying. It's a sauce that you can use in your daily life. 
-With healthy yeast and lactobacillus, it is slowly and properly fermented for 6 months after 5 stages: Meju fermentation, low-temperature fermentation, lactobacillus fermentation, yeast fermentation, ripening fermentation, and all this aging process resulted in a rich scented brew soy sauce.

Shin's Tips 
How to Choose Korean Soy Sauce:

  1. Soy Sauce S (Jin-ganjang) : Strong Soy Sauce doesn't spoil flavor even when heated. It's low in salt. It's suitable for stir-frying and stewing.
  2. Soy sauce for Soup (Guk-ganjang) : Soy sauce made with fermented soy sauce, which is clean and light, is suitable for seasoning the soup.
  3. Brewed Soy Sauce (Yangjo-Ganjang): Dark and sweet in color, but the taste and aroma disappear when heated, suitable for eating raw.

What is Fermentation Index T.N.
Fermentation index T.N. stands for Total Nitrogen, which is the total nitrogen content contained in soy sauce. The higher the nitrogen content, the higher the natural flavor content, the richer the flavor and aroma.

⚠️ Trial Pack is repacked by shin korea, 100% Original and Same.