Peacock 100% Organic Hadong Greentea

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Net weight
1 Box (1.2g*50teabags)

It is 100% organic green tea grown in Hadong, registered as one of the 2018 World Important Agricultural Heritage. It grows under the clear water, wind, and sunshine of Hadong, and has a deep fragrance unique to green tea, making tea more fragrant. Enjoy a soft, refreshing cup of green tea for a light refreshment or for a clean finish after a meal. There are 50 tea bags, so you can enjoy them with the guest and the whole family.

How to Enjoy

  • Hot
    200ml Hot water with 1 teabag, dip for 1 ~ 2minutes, and enjoy!
  • Cold Brew
    Enjoy it with ice cubes/keep in chiller!