Peacock Chocolate Ball - Dark / Coffee Bean / Hazelnut

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Net weight

1. No sugar (Dark 70%) - Containing 0g sugar.
2. Low sugar (Coffee Bean) - Containing 0.4g sugar.
3. Low sugar (Hazelnut) - Containing 1g sugar. 


  • Dark 70% Chocolate Ball with No Sugar
    -made from sugar-free chocolate. It is a dark chocolate ball that is not very sweet or bitter, so it is easy to eat. In particular, it is packed in a zipper bag, so you can take it out, eat and close it little by little, and it can be stored and consumed in a hygienic manner. Feel the rich chocolate flavor in small dark chocolate balls.
  • Coffee Bean Chocolate Ball with Low Sugar
    -perfect for souvenirs with an excellent taste that makes everyone smile. It's made of sugar-free chocolate, so it's easy to eat, because it reduces sugar content worries. Whole beans from Kenya, a world-renowned coffee producer, are embedded in whole beans to create an attractive taste by subtly blending with sweet chocolate. Not only coffee and milk, but also used as a topping for various desserts such as shaved ice, ice cream, and cakes.
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Ball with Low Sugar
    It is a chocolate ball that contains 66% sugar-free real dark chocolate and 32% hazelnut, so you can feel the savory flavor of hazelnut while being bitter. It's packed in a zipper bag, so you can take it out little by little, eat it, and close it, so you can keep it hygienic. Enjoy the rich chocolate flavor with the flavor of hazelnut.