Ottogi Old Days Japchae (Instant Stir Fried Glass Noodle)

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Net Weight:
75g (225kcal)

- Making a delicious Japchae is a big challenge to you? No worries! Get one Ottogi Instant Japchae and you will enjoy it within 5 minutes!
-The chewy glass noodles and the deep marinade taste of the dry ingredients are added to show off the rich flavor.
- It contains 13% of Ottogi Premium Sesame Oil!

How to prepare:
1. Add the vegetable and noodle to 450ml water, and boil for 5minutes.
2. Pour the water out.
3. Add Sesame oil and Japchae sauce.
4. Stir well and enjoy!
*Depending on your taste, adding sesame oil will double the savory taste and make it even more delicious.