Ottogi Jin Ramen Hot

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★The signature noodle of Ottogi.

- 1 Loose Packet
- 1 Bundle (5 packets)

-Fresh and tender, spicy aftertaste.
-Rich and tasty Beef bone soup broth that refreshes your mouth.
- Chewy noodles as always.
- Loaded with vegetables like green onions, shitake mushrooms, carrots, and more.

How to Prepare
1. Add the solid seasoning packet into 550ml (2 3/4 large cups) of water and boil. After boiling, add powder seasoning and noodles. Continue to boil it for 4 more minutes. Enjoy delicious JIN RAMEN.
2. Control the amount of powder seasoning as you like. Serve with kimchi, green onions, eggs and etc. for better taste.