Ottogi 3 Minutes Beef Jjajang

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1. Jjajang
2. GanJjajang
3. Hot&Spicy Jjajang

Ottogi 3 Minute Beef Gan Jjajang has a smooth and rich taste of separately stir-fried luscious and thick black bean sauce with big chunks of fresh beef, onions, and potatoes. It contains a lot of big chunks of ingredients for chewing pleasure. 3 Minute Beef Gan Jjajang is rich in taste and full of nutrition without any preserves as if it was cooked at home. Ottogi 3 minute products are fully cooked for your convenience, thus can consume without worries. 

How To Prepare
1. Boiling water: put the package (do not open) itself into boiling water and heat for 3 minutes. (Use the hole with the chopstick to pick it up from the pot).
2. 700W microwave: Open the package and pour on top of the steamed rice (hot). Cover it with a plastic wrap and heat for 2 minutes.
*Make sure to use a microwave-safe container.