Shin's Selection Korean Barley Seeds For Barley Tea

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✨ Shin's Selection

Trial Pack 100g, 500g

- It retains the original taste by boiling the whole grain of barley.
- 100% grown in clean land, only High-Quality barley seeds imported from Korea.

How to Enjoy
Add 1 spoon of barley seeds (15g ~25g) to 300ml of hot water. It should be steeped for 2 to 3 minutes. Enjoy well! 
*You may reboil the tea with hot water once finish.

Shin's Tips✨ 
1. Add 1 spoon of barley seeds to 300ml of cold water, cover it and keep in the chiller.
2. Let it stay for a night, you will get the Refreshing Barley Cold Brew!

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