Premium Red Chili Pepper (Kimchigaru) -Flakes

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-Flakes:  To make Kimchi
-Fine Powder: For Cooking.
-Hot & Spicy Powder: For Cooking, spicier than Fine Powder and Flakes.


  • Homemade with Love
    - Introduced by the professional Korean Housewife -Mrs. Lee, who has over 30 years of experience in Korean Cuisine.
  • High-quality as usual 
    -Imported red chili pepper is used, and a hygienic process for eating with confidence.
  • A Must-Have Spice
    - A neat spicy taste that goes well with any dish, definitely the key ingredient in a Korean Kitchen.

About Taste & Usage:

It has a clean and spicy taste and is perfect for Korean taste. Put it in a stew, soup, and side dishes and make it taste spicy. It will complete a great dish without any special condiments.

★ Halal ✔
-100% Dried Chili Pepper Used.

❄️Store in chiller once it's opened

⌛ Best before: Use the product within 6months of opening.

👨‍🍳Chef Shin's Recipe
-Kimchi Jjigae