Dongsuh Solomon's seal tea - 玉竹茶 (Dunggulle Tea)

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Rich in Vitamin A

-Trial Pack 10teabags, 20teabags, 50teabags
-Original Box 100teabags

Dunggulle cha (둥굴레차) - made from the dried root of Solomon's seal.
As a TEA, Solomon's Seal soothes irritation in the digestive tract, lungs, throat, vagina, and uterus. It also aids in loosening up coughs This is because of its soothing demulcent and mucilaginous qualities.

70% dunggulle
30% brown rice

How to Prepare:
1. Pour hot water (79-80ml) over tea bag and let it steep.
2. Stir the teabag a few times before serving to enjoy the delectable aroma and delicious taste.
3. Try drinking this delicate tea as a substitute for daily drinking water.

Tips: Drink cold in summer and hot in the winter season~