Dolsot Stone Pot (Bibimbap Bowl)

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Kindly place only one pot in a single order.
Before purchasing this product , you understand and agree that this is a breakable product during delivery, you(buyer) & shin korea (seller) will take the risks together if any damage. We'll compensate 50% if broken. 


- a must-have Kitchenware in Korea
- safe to use on the stovetop, over the fire.
- commonly used to make the dolsot bibimbap, rice, jjigae stew (tang, soup).
- long-lasting compared to bowls made with natural stone.
- To keep your ordinary bowl from cracking or splitting during the cooking process.
- To keep your soup hot and delicious for a longer period.

-Premium stoneware made from fine clay.

NO.2 ,13cm in diameter, 7cm in height - 1portion
NO.4, 15cm in diameter, 8cm in height - 1 to 2 portions
NO.5, 16.5cm in diameter, 8.5cm in height - 2 to 3 portions
NO.6 ,18cm in diameter,10cm in height -3 to 4 portions

Other information:
- Dishwasher Safe.
- Black color.

What's in the Box:
- A Dolsot.
- A plastic trivet (The bottom base)
- Flat Stainless Steel Spoon & Chopsticks (Optional)