Dasida Seasoning Stock Mini Stick (Anchovy/Beef/Clam)

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"The King of Flavoring"

Net weight
8g per stick

Anchovy, Beef, Clam

-Dashida luxury gold with deeper and deeper taste with Korean beef and Sinan sea salt. The content of Korean beef is fortified by 25%, providing a deep and rich taste. In particular, it is made with a natural drying method and uses a premium sea salt that is rich in minerals, so it can have a lighter and more natural taste. Add a deep flavor to the broth with a deep and rich Dasida.
2. Anchovy
- Anchovy from Namhae is generously added and harmoniously mixed with various seasonings to enhance the flavor of the soup. Once again, with anchovies, you will be able to experience the taste of the nostalgic hometown with warm affection. You can easily add a rich flavor by tapping it over the stew or soup.
3. Clam
-It is a seasoned food made by adding seafood such as kelp and seasoning to hygienically processed shellfish. Try Dashida's luxury gold clam, which is attractive for its clean umami taste, and put it in a variety of dishes. Various vegetables and seasonings are added to provide a deep and rich hometown taste.

How to use
1. When adding to soup or stew, 1 teaspoon (4~6g) per serving is suitable.