Cheongsoo Kalguksu - Wide Noodle Soup (Seafood/Anchovy)

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1. Seafood (110g,375kcal) - Noodle 100g + Cheongsoo Secret Seasoning bag 10g
2. Anchovy (110g,365kcal) - Noodle 100g + Cheongsoo Secret Seasoning bag 10g

This is fresh seafood&anchovy kalguksu. The fresh and refreshing soup broth and the soft and chewy Kalguksu noodles make a delicious meal. It is a simple cooking method that boils and completes in 5 minutes, making it easy for even beginners to cook seafood&anchovy kalguksu, which was difficult from cooking. In addition, it is packaged in small capacity for 1 serving, so it is easy to eat anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the delicious and reliable seafood&anchovy kalguksu boiled easily.

More details
1. For 1 serving only.
2. Cook with 700ml for 5 minutes. Enjoy!