Beksul Herb Mixed Salt (Mild/Garlic/Spicy)

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Full Size 50g
Trial Pack 10g

- Use in steak, marinating meat, fried noodle, fried rice, soup, bread and more!

-Salt that enhances the taste of meat with various mild herbs and sea salt.
-Salt that enhances the natural color of the herb by adding the raw material of herbs.
-Herbs and 100% Sinan sea salt are combined to reduce the enjoyment of the meat, and the subtle herbal scent makes the meat taste light. By adding five kinds of mild herbs such as thyme, rosemary, oregano, fennel, and marjoram, the mild herbal scent is enhanced compared to the existing products. In particular, rosemary and oregano are added to enhance the color and graininess of the product. Herbal salt is good to sprinkle when grilling meat or dip in an appropriate amount after grilling, and to enjoy it even more deliciously, season it with herbal salt before baking and then grill it to enjoy it even more deliciously.

⚠️ Trial Pack is repacked by shin korea, 100% Original and Same!