Beksul 100% Wheat Flour - For Bread / Noodle / Cookie

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"Nothing added, but wheat."

1. High Gluten Flour (Bread)
2. Multi Purpose Flour (Noodle, Dumplings, Pancake)
3. Low Protein Flour (Cakes, Cookie)

- 1kg, 2.5kg


★ Made From 100% High Quality Fine Wheat, no bleached.
★ More than 50 years of special powder making technology in Korea, just eat with confidence. 

  • High Gluten Flour 
    -From bread, morning bread, to fermented bread, complete the delicious bread with Beksul High Gluten Flour.
    -Help to make moist, texture, aroma, quality bread.
  • Multi-Purpose Flour
    -Enjoy handmade pasta, knife-cut noodles, dumplings, pancakes at home!
  • Low Protein Flour
    - Wouldn't it be better to have a good time eating crisp cookies and moist cakes with children? Make delicious cookies with spirit flour and make happy snack time.

Ingredient: 100% Fine Wheat.