FMCO Updates

FMCO Updates

Hey there, 

Thank you for staying home, we hope you are staying safe all the time. 
No panic, we are still operating as normal during FMCO.

We have recently extended our business hours:
We are now open from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Sunday to Thursday. 

1. We might take 1~3 days to ship your order.
If you are within Klang Valley, we suggest to go for our Grab Service (receive in 1~3 hour).
2. Please expect the orders to be delivered to you in 2 to 5 days as our lovely delivery Oppa's workload has increased alot alot as everyone is buying online. 🙏🏻

As we are receiving overwhelming inquiries, we are sorry if we are replying late. 🙏We promise to reply to every single inquiry. *Please do not spam as our CS will reply accordingly from the bottom(oldest inquiry) to top (newest inquiries).

Please do not hesitate to chat us if you need any assistance.

Best Regards, 
Shin, the Director of SHIN KOREA.

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  • 정지현

    방금 된장 2개를 주문했는데
    다른 물건도 같이 배송받고 싶어요
    어떻게 해야하나요?

  • Maggie L.

    Stay safe, shin 💪
    Thank you for excellent service always!