Ottogi Kimchi Ramen [Expiry date 2021.05.12]

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Expiry date- 2021.05.12

Chewy Ramen in Sour & Refreshing Soup

1 Loose Packet (120g)
1 Bundle (4packets)

1. Kimchi Ramyon has soft and chewy noodles, well-aged kimchi, and soup with various seasonings. It tastes just like kimchi jjigae.

How to Prepare
1. Add solid soup mix into 550 cc (2 3/4 large cups) of water and boil. After boiling, add soup stock mix and noodles. Continue to boil it for 4 more minutes. Enjoy delicious KIMCHI RAMEN.
2. Control the amount of soup stock mix as you like. Serve with kimchi, green onions, eggs and etc. for better taste.