Orion Turtle Chip ( Corn Soup / Injeolmi Flavor )

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"A savory and strong corn soup flavor that spreads in the mouth and the air."

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- Corn Soup (Star Product)
- Injeolmi (Bean Powder, New released! )
- Churros 

-It's an addictive snack - Orion tortoiseshell corn soup and injeolmi flavour! The four layers shaped is crispy, you can smell the cornstalk/injeolmi from very far. When you eat them at one gulp, you will have a strong cornstalk/injeolmi smell in your mouth. It's not exciting, it's first-class, and all ages will love it. 
-The must-try snack when you travel to Korea.

Shin's Tips- to make soft crackers crisp!
1.Place sugar cubes with cookies in a sealed bag. Glycosides can absorb moisture and re-absorb moisture from cookies and reactivate brittleness.
2. Put cookies on a plate and microwave t for about 15 to 20 seconds to allow moisture to drain away from the moist cookies.
* If you put the biscuit bag in the microwave, you will be in danger of fire. Please make sure to rotate it on a plate.