Nong Shim Shin Black Spicy Noodle with Kimchi & Tofu

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Real Kimchi and Tofu included!

Net weight
94g, 400kcal 

This is the spicy Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black Bowl tofu kimchi that reminds me of the time I went out. The soft tofu and kimchi ingredients are perfectly matched,  you can enjoy both of them with a microwave oven or boiling water recipes.
The new Shin Ramyun Black Bowl Tofu Kimchi can be enjoyed in just 2 minutes with a microwave. It tastes better when cooked in the microwave than in boiling water. The noodles become more transparent and chewy, and the soup has a rich and deep taste like bagged noodles. The noodles will absorb the broth better, so it will be even more delicious. The jug and cup are made from microwave-only materials, so you can safely microwave them.

How to enjoy
A. Microwave
1. Add 330ml hot water, and the soup pack.
2. Heat it for 2 minutesHeat it in microwave for 2 minutes.

B. Hot Water
1. Open the cover to the dotted line, add 330ml hot water and the soup pack.
2. Cover the bowl and heat it for 4 minutes