Nong Shim Hot Pepper Soup Noodle (Gochujang Jjigae Myeon)

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Weight: 140g(565kcal) / 1 pcs

-Sunchang Gochujang(Red Pepper Paste) Used
-Package Including Wide Noodle, Dried Vegetables pack,Seasoning pack, Red Pepper Paste (Gochujang)
-This is a jjigae noodle with a strong and rich red pepper paste stew flavor and a chewy, tangy noodle.
-Soup: Realize the spicy and rich taste of Gochujang stew(Gochujang is made with pure red pepper paste.)
-Noodle: The chewy and firm noodles that the broth is well absorbed

How to Cook:
1. Boil 500ml water,add the noodle, Dried Vege pack, Seasoning pack and cook for 4 and half minutes.
2. Add the Red Pepper Paste, stir well and enjoy!