Maxim Kanu Latte / Double Shot Latte

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"The Smallest Cafe in the World."

1. Latte
- 50sticks [13.5g (67kcal) *50s]
2. Double Shot Latte
- 50sticks [13.5g (65kcal) *50s]
3. Latte Fever
- Try both flavor at once!
- No Box 10s/20s = 5sticks/10sticks each flavor


  •  Latte
    Since the content of fresh milk is increased, the deep and soft taste of the latte creamer has added an excellent, fresh and rich milk taste. In particular, the latte also has depth by using the highest quality Kanu Mild Roast Coffee Bean extracted at low yield and low temperature. Feel the soft taste and deep aroma of Kanu Latte anytime, anywhere.

  • Double Shot Latte
    High-quality Kanu mild roast coffee extracted at low yield and low temperature using the espresso method is used as it is, so I never missed the depth of the coffee. Latte creamer with a high content of fresh milk was added to it to make it a smooth taste. Enjoy a cup of coffee with Kanu Double Shot Latte where you can feel the soft taste and deep aroma of the latte at once.