Dongsuh Buckwheat Tea 메밀차

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1 Box 150g (1.5g&100teabags)

Compared with ordinary buckwheat, Dongsuh use 100% Tatari buckwheat with more rutin, and it is manufactured by East &West technology, so you can feel the rich buckwheat aroma and taste as it is. It comes in a simple tea bag, so you can dissolve it in hot or cold water according to your preference. Take a break with soba tea made with natural ingredients, considering the taste and health.

Dry, nutty, earthy taste, and a light scent.

1/ Helps in managing diabetes (reduce the concentration of glucose in the body)
2/ Helps in the immune system (high in various antioxidants and vitamins)
3/ Aids in digestion (antioxidant improves digestive function, eliminate bloating and constipation)
4/ Improves heart health (lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol count)
5/ Prevents kidney problems (antioxidants slow the progression of the condition)
6/ Reduce the risk of cancer (help defend against cellular mutation and the spread of cancer)
7/ Promotes weight loss (low in calorie, stimulate metabolism, eliminate water weight)

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