Beksul Hotteok Mix (Sweet Korean Pancake Mix)

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Original, Greentea, Injeolmi (Traditional Bean Powder)

Net weight:
400g, Serve 8 balls or more (Depends on the size you love!)

-HOTTEOK is a kind of Korean style pancake filled with sugar and nuts.
-It is sweet and chewy and one of the most famous desserts Korean love!
-Quick and easy making Korean sweet pancakes. The dough rises in 5 minutes.

How to Cook Me:
1. Dissolve in yeast into 180-200 ml lukewarm water.
2. Add the pancake flour into the dissolve yeast & mix.
3. Divided the dough into 8 balls.
*Tip- Avoid the dough sticking on the gloves, rub some oil on the plastic gloves.
4. Flatten each dough balls and fill with pancake sweet mix.
*Tip- Fry the part of the filled dough( which is used to seal the dough ball)
first to lock the pancake.
5. When the dough bottom turns brown turn over before flattening.
6. Flatten the pancake ball.
7. If you add more nuts in jammix, you can enjoy more flavors.
And you can enjoy it with ice cream and some sugar power as photo.