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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products

Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
Ddukbaegi Clay Pot (Bibimbap Bowl)Ddukbaegi Clay Pot (Bibimbap Bowl)
Ddukbaegi Clay Pot (Bibimbap Bowl)
Sale priceFrom RM38.00
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Yellow Ramen PotYellow Ramen Pot
Yellow Ramen Pot
Sale priceFrom RM13.80
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Traditional Makgeolli Bowl
Traditional Makgeolli Bowl
Sale priceFrom RM9.80
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Bamboo Mat For Kimbab (Kimbal)Bamboo Mat For Kimbab (Kimbal)
Bamboo Mat For Kimbab (Kimbal)
Sale priceFrom RM9.50
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Ggomi Stainless Steel PeelerGgomi Stainless Steel Peeler
Ggomi Stainless Steel Peeler
Sale priceRM9.55
Korean Old Days Green Plate & BowlKorean Old Days Green Plate & Bowl
Korean Old Days Green Plate & Bowl
Sale priceFrom RM8.80
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Pot Tongs for Dolsot / Stonepot / Pot Holder
Kumkwang Bibimki - Bibimbap Bowl No.5Kumkwang Bibimki - Bibimbap Bowl No.5
Yellow Pot for Jjajangmyeon / Dry noodleYellow Pot for Jjajangmyeon / Dry noodle
Korean Kitchen ScrubberKorean Kitchen Scrubber
Korean Kitchen Scrubber
Sale priceRM4.80
Grill Pan for Army Stew & BBQ 26cmGrill Pan for Army Stew & BBQ 26cm
Lucky Aluminum FoilLucky Aluminum Foil
Lucky Aluminum Foil
Sale priceFrom RM10.00
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