Maxim Coffee Mix ( Original / Mocha / White / Arabica / Ice )

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-In box 20 sticks, 100sticks
-No box 10 sticks, 20 sticks
-Happy Combo 10sticks , 20 sticks (4 Classic Flavors)


Original Red
-Introducing the original Maxim, black coffee with a clean taste of medium roast. With Maxim's legitimacy and technology that has led the history of coffee in Korea, we made high-quality coffee where you can enjoy the original taste and aroma of coffee beans. Feel the happiness and comfort of your daily leisure with good beans and coffee made with good technology.

Mocha Gold Mild
-It makes coffee smell better by keeping the clean and fresh flavor of Arabica beans intact. It uses coconut oil, a medium fatty acid that is quickly absorbed and consumed in the body, to create a healthy flavor without trans fats. 

White Gold
It's a white gold coffee mix that will capture the hearts of those who prefer milk. It contains a prima containing non-fat milk, and the deep taste and rich aroma of coffee are still alive.

Arabica 100
-Maxim Arabica 100 coffee mix made with the clean and fresh flavor of Arabica beans. The original flavor of the beans is alive after the roasting process, which features the characteristics of the beans in each mountain region. As soon as roasting beans are shredded, they are made with the Refined Aroma Process (RAP) method of extracting scents, which features deep, rich flavors and scents. Especially, it contains natural caffeine, polyphenols, etc., so you can enjoy it with confidence. 100% Arabica beans blending. Meet a neat coffee bean.

-Enjoy coolly! Only the finest arabica beans grown on highlands over 1,000 meters above sea level were used to capture the natural flavor of the coffee. At the same time, beans melt well in cold water, making it perfect for drinking with iced coffee. I recommend Maxim iced coffee mix to those people who like cold coffee regardless of the season. Start a pleasant day with a cup of sweet iced coffee.

Happy Combo
-Not sure which is your cup of tea?  Enjoy 4 flavors (Original Red, Mocha Gold, White Gold, Decaf) of Maxim Coffee Mix happily at the same time!