ChungJungOne / HaeChanDeul Red Pepper Paste ( Gochujang )

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Brand Option
1. ChungJungOne - Mild than Haechandeul and more nutty texture.
2. Haechandeul - Spicier and creamier than ChungJungOne.

Original Packaging - 200g, 500g,1kg
Trial Pack 100g,200g,500g

Gochujang is made from Red Pepper Chili and Rice. It can be used in various dishes like bibimbap and spicy rice cake, also in salads, stews, soups, and marinated meat dishes. Gochujang makes dishes spicier (contributed by the capsaicin from the chili), but also somewhat sweeter.

How to Use
Add in any cuisine or just as a dipping sauce. 

Recipe Recommendations
Army stew, Bibimbap, Kimchi fried rice, Korean fried chicken, Kimchi soup

👨‍🍳Chef Shin's Recipe
-Kimchi Jjigae

⚠️ Trial Pack is repacked by shin korea, 100% Original and Same!